Get help for Liberty University BMAL 530 Module 8 Excel Project. • Sales for December total 10,000 units. • Company policy calls for a given month’s ending inventory to equal 80% of the next month’s expected unit sales. The December 31 2015inventory is 8,400 units, which complies with the policy. • Sales representatives’ commissions are 12.5% of sales and are paid in the month of the sales. 4,000 per month thereafter. 5,000 depreciation, and 0.9% monthly interest on the long-term note payable. • The company expects 30% of sales to be for cash and the remaining 70% on credit. Receivables are collected in full in the month following the sale (none is collected in the month of sale). • All merchandise purchases are on credit, and no payables arise from any other transactions. One month’s purchases are fully paid in the next month. 50,000. If necessary, the company borrows enough cash using a short-term note to reach the minimum. Short-term notes require an interest payment of 1% at each month-end (before any repayment). If the ending cash balance exceeds the minimum, the excess will be applied to repaying the short-term notes payable balance.

100,000 are to be declared and paid in February. • No cash payments for income taxes are to be made during the first calendar quarter. Income taxes will be assessed at 35% in the quarter. 55,000 are scheduled for March. ABC Company’s management is also considering 3 new projects consisting of the purchase of new equipment. The company has limited resources, and may not be able to complete make all 3purchases. The information is as follows for the purchases below. • Prepare the year-end balance sheet for 2015. Be sure to use proper headings. • Prepare budgets such that the pro-forma financial statements for the first quarter of 2016 may be prepared. • Sales budget, including budgeted sales for April. • Purchases budget, the budgeted cost of goods sold for each month and quarter, and the cost of the March 31 budgeted inventory. • Selling expense budget. • General and administrative expense budget. • Expected cash receipts from customers and the expected March 31 balance of accounts receivable. • Expected cash payments for purchases and the expected March 31 balance of accounts payable. • Budgeted income statement. • Budgeted statement of retained earnings. • Budgeted balance sheet. • Calculate using Excel formulas, the NPV of each of the 3 projects. • It is possible that ABC Company may not be able to complete all 3 projects. Therefore, advise ABC Company as to the order in which they should pursue the projects (i.e., which project should ABC Company attempt to do first, second, and last). • Provide justification and analysis as to why you chose the order you did. The analysis must also be done in Excel, not in a separate document. This assignment must be submitted as 1 Excel document. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m.

Partners are under constant pressure to protect their investment. 1. Who are the stakeholders in this situation? 2. Identify the problems with Alexandra’s actions and discuss the ethical considerations involved. 3. How might the partnership agreement be revised to accommodate the differences in Alexandra’s and Kellie’s work and withdrawal habits? Be sure to check your Syllabus for Discussion participation requirements. What is the current price of a share of Starbucks stock (include the date of your post and your source)? What were the high and low prices of a share of Starbucks stock during the past year? What is the current price of a share of Starbuck’s closest competitor? Does Starbucks Corporation appear to have an operating philosophy that is similar or dissimilar to other corporations in the industry? You need to analyze the philosophy of the two companies and provide your respective comments based on your analysis. Ethics in financial reporting is critical to the reliability of financial statements.

Corporate managers are under enormous pressure to provide high earnings and dividend amounts. 1. Who are the stakeholders in this situation? 2. Is there anything unethical about Lowery’s intentions or actions? 3. What is the effect of a stock dividend on a corporation’s stockholders’ equity accounts? Which would you rather receive as a stockholder — a cash dividend or a stock dividend? This week’s Discussion is centered on the case scenario presented in the BYP17-8 Ethics Case. Since cash is the most important asset in a firm, success of a firm can be directly traced to its cash management. Though reliance on cash flows to the exclusion of accrual accounting is discouraged, comparing cash from operations to net income can reveal important information about the “quality” of reported net income. Please review the Ethics Case scenario in your text and answer the following questions. · Who are the stakeholders in this situation?

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