Get help for Liberty University COMS 560 Week 5 Journal Activities. To accompany your reading and reinforce the principles discussed in your text, you will complete 25 Journal Activities. The Journal Activities are exercises selected from your texts, and they should be completed in the attached Journal Activities Template. Be sure to save your work frequently. In the table below, the left-hand column contains sets of communication expressions that indicate conflict from a particular metaphorical position. Where the scene of the conflict is. Who the participants are. Who must win the battle and by what method. What is the outcome/purpose of the conflict? Your actions are completely indefensible. He attacked me where I was most vulnerable – my kids. That criticism is right on target. Accusations were hurled back and forth. I just retreat. I fall back and regroup. Then I wait for an opening. He slaughters me when I cry and get confused.

When I don’t want it to come to blow (laughs), I launch a diversionary attack, like telling him the kids are calling me. The scene for conflict is battlefield. The participants in discussion are warriors who must win the battle. Nothing falls short of “killing” or reducing the effectiveness of the opponent. The purpose or outcome is inevitably a reduction of players, harm, desire for vengeance and a repetition of the battle. He’s about to blow up. Any little thing will set him off. Larry’s got a short fuse. The pressure’s building up so fast that something’s gotta give soon! I just need to let off steam. She is really pushing my buttons. He’s got the best case. The jury’s still out on that one. You’re accusing me of what? She’s the guilty party on this one. I’m on a sinking ship with no lifeboat. I’m traveling a rocky road.

I’m working with a checkbook that won’t balance. I felt like being “a rowboat caught in a hurricane. Like a fire raging out of control. Cahn & Abigail 1 Think about it. Borisoff & Victor, p. Borisoff & Victor, p. Borisoff & Victor, p. Cahn & Abigail 2 Discuss it. 2 p. 52. Please write out answer. Cahn & Abigail 3 p. 74 Work With It. Cahn & Abigail 4 Apply it p. Cahn & Abigail 4 Apply it p. Cahn & Abigail 4 -Apply It – p. 1-5 answer all questions after case study. Reconcile Sande’s approach to “rights” and “I” statements on p. 92 and 102-109 with Cahn & Abigail’s list of rights on p. 83. Are these two approaches compatible with each other? Write no more than a ½ page. Cahn & Abigail 6 – Work With It – p. 1 Answer all questions. 2 p. 199. Answer all questions. Cahn & Abigail8 p. 3 Work with it. Cahn & Abigail 8 – Apply it. Cahn & Abigail 9 Discuss it. 1-4. Write out answers. Cahn & Abigail 12 – Think about it. Cahn & Abigail 13 – Apply it. Borisoff & Victor “D,” p. 146: Focus on gender-related issues in personal and professional interaction. Write a short reaction to the statements or brief answers to each of the six statements. In celebration of your accomplishments in finishing the class, label this one as FREE! You don’t need to do anything else. I guess I am getting soft. You will receive full credit for the assignment.

There are differences even in the behavior and the living standards of the people living in both the places. In Qatar the prices of the products are high while in UK the price of the product are low due to production of the goods in UK itself. There is the huge variation in the nature of the products according to the geography of the place. The marketing methods and the physical evidence of the company are same in both the places. The thing that differs is the behavior of the people in both the places. So, there has to be the difference in the promotion activities, price and the product sold at both the places. Offers have to be made according to the people so the offers also differ at both he places. The employees and the management staff differ at both the places so there is the difference in the method of promotion at both the places. The product for the male and female differ at both the places so does the price of the product.

The health care services of the product differ according to the conditions present in different countries so the health care products also differ. The beauty products also differ in accordance to the customs of the place. Sainsbury’s has different promotional activities for different places. B2b is known as business to business and it refers to the marketing of the products to the companies while B2C stands for business to consumer and it refers to the marketing of the products to the consumer. The product marketed under both the heads is different from each other. B2B marketing strategies might be used for selling the products to the other companies while in B2C the products are sold to the customers directly. B2B marketing is based on the close relationship between the customers so there has to be no compromise between the quality and the pricing of the product. The pricing of the products and the different others economical activities of the company has to be dealt with. B2b marketing targets other business organization, government offices and the companies. All these have to be dealt with great care as they are the potential customer of the company.

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