For this assignment we have to answer questions about Canadian personalities which is on this link. 2. The personality I found the most interesting was the feminist Nellie McClung because she became a teacher only at the age 16. That’s just amazing! She also wrote a bestselling novel, which gave her fame and inspired many women for the cause. Canadian women and was herself elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta In 1929. She was known as one of the famous five who demanded that women be legally recognized as people! I found her an amazing person because if it wasn’t for her women still wouldn’t have rights that men do and life would be harder, boring, and unfair. Henry Kelsey. He was a great explorer. He discovered the Canadian prairies. He respected the Indians and was benign and humane in his relations with all native peoples. I think he would go in the category We built because of what he did.

Last I think Roald Amundsen should be on that site to because. North Pole in a dirigible and the first person to reach the South Pole. He also died in a plane crash attempting to rescue his friend. That means he was a good person because he tried saving his friend which risked his life and i think its pretty cool that he was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles. I think Roald Amundsen should be in the category We Build. 4. My history match maker was Pierre Elliott Trudeau I was able to figure out who he was by the last question. October. we both speak English. 18 and mine is on the 15, he was born in Montreal, Quebec and i was born in Ottawa, Ontario. 5. One hundred years from now (in 2109!) and students are learning about Canadian History Makers and they discover me. I would like to be remembered as a person who found a cure for cancer. I picked it up with plastic gloves on and put it in a container. I looked up the Internet to see if there is really this type of frog hopping around and I even looked in books about frogs, and there seems to be no type of frog that’s purple with pink strips. That was the cure for cancer and she lived till she was 97 in her sleep. I would like to thank Sally Smith and the nurses who helped me with this i couldn’t have done it with out them!

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