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Music is a very important aspect in human life. An English philosopher, Friedrich, once indicated that were it not for music, then life would be meaningless (Nietzsche 1). In fact, it is clear that music is a very powerful tool in the lives of human beings. This essay examines one of the writer’s colorful experiences in a music festival he had once attended. This is with an aim of attesting to the fact that music is important in human lives and that at some point in life, it brings joy and happiness. In an effort to enable the reader follow the essay with ease, the writer subdivides the paper into five major sections as shown below.
The style of Music the artists performed
It was back in the year 2011 on the 7th of August when I was privileged to attend an inter faculty college music festivals whose genre was the reggae music in Boston music theaters. The music theater was painted red and the turn up was enormous. The experience and the passion are two things I wonder whether they will come back to my reality. The reggae music was purely nourished with Jamaican reggae and I was able to learn some new terms including ‘Iman, yea man, jah Rasta farri though the list is endless.

Three things the writer enjoyed
The performers had turned up for the occasion and were quite prepared. In fact, they had been in costumes that made the audience believe that they (performers) were really Jamaicans. Their costumes had conspicuous colors that indicated the reggae heritage. It was such a wonderful moment as a fan of reggae music.
In addition to their costumes, was the manner in which they used the musical instruments including the guitars and the drums. The guitar, in particular had a great impact on the audience as it was used to play the chords. This was such a powerful instrument that fostered the interest of the audience in general. The rhythmic assent of off beats in the performance was enhanced by use of the drums.
The third aspect of the performance I really enjoyed was the dancing style, which comprised of waving in the air and shaking of the head in a manner similar to real Jamaican reggae musicians who normally use this in an effort to show their attitudes towards real issues in life depending on the theme of the music in question. Indeed, this was really a proper reggae music performance.
The Most Prominent Expressive Element
I in particular remember Stephen Wilson, a student of Harvard University on stage performing his new reggae song The Isolated Sheep. In his presentation, he tried as much as possible to show a sense of originality. The theme of his music was racism that existed among the black people who lived in the low lands of the country. In order to bring up the essence of the reggae music, his costume was similar to those of the previous performers. Besides this, he also used the drums and the guitar so as bring about the reggae music rhythm, which was one of the criterions that the judges looked at in their assessment. This must have been one of the most exciting moments since at the end of his music; the composer used names and sentences that he never finished. This resulted to suspense on the part of the audience and was willing to continue listening to his performance. However, he had finished his reggae music in stage. Though the suspense, his performance was able to drive the message home concerning racism.
One Song That Provoked the Audience Feelings
Then came this group from Hunter College that performed a rendition of a song by the famous Lutah Fyah; Come Over. In fact, this group fascinated the audience. It was one of such groups that performed in a group of ten where one of the performers would start the music then the others join in some parts of the music. While, the soloist sung, the remaining nine were involved in instrumentation. The group had been subdivided into two where one of the groups specialized in beating up the drums while the others would make use of the guitar. The drummers were in a static point and could not have any movements. However, the guitarist made random movements which really aroused the interest of the audience. This group did provoke the audience feelings compared to all other groups in stage .The group’s performance was wonderful. They incorporated the music with proper instrumentation comprising of guitars, brassy sounds from the drums as well as the wailing vocals from the guitarists.
The Response of the Audience in General
During the performance, the audience was able to be part of the performance whereby, at some point during Hunter’s College performance, they could join them in the dance floor as well as produce the wailing vocals which enhanced the group’s performance.
To this end it would be right to conclude that the performance was wonderful. In line with this everyone was excited as a result of the various groups that presented in the festival.

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