Are you looking for  someone  to make you happy?  Someone  to, ‘complete’ you? Or, are you there already and simply want some company!?

The simple truth is if you are hoping to find love, there is always  someone  out there for you. If you remain honest with yourself, its the easiest way to ensure you find that person.

It’s important to understand, the way in which we project ourselves to other people, like possible future partners, will be very much dependent on how we feel about ourselves. And to possibly rely on another human being for your own happiness is an unfair burden on them and your responsibility alone.

Honesty is always the best policy and a big advantage, once you start searching for that ‘special’ person you hope to fall in love with. And to give yourself the best opportunity, being natural and acting yourself should be right at the top of the list on how you behave when you first meet  someone . This could be in any situation, such as a new employee at your place of work, a friend of a friend or an actual date.

When you are out there looking for  someone , possibly hoping to find love through one of the many dating sites, remember, first impressions count! The chance of a date not working out is increased if you don’t act yourself when you meet up with  someone . It also may ruin the opportunity of the date developing into anything long term, if that’s what you are maybe anticipating.

Remember! If your date doesn’t like you for the person you are, it really is not a problem. If you have projected the real you, that is much more important and at least you’ve been honest with yourself. People go throughout their whole lives ‘playing’ at being somebody there are not. And for what reason? They are worried deep down that they cannot deal with the rejection of other people not liking the ‘real’ them.

I have seen this numerous times in people with problems with forming solid relationships as their ‘true’ self is always kept in the dark. This is not to say you cannot occasionally let loose, show off and step out of your ‘normal’ character base. However being true and honest with yourself and reflecting that to another person will be a massive advantage in any relationship you undertake.

Next time you step out with somebody maybe with the view to forming something special and lasting, apply the positive approach to yourself as I have explained here. I recommend you get comfortable with yourself first, possibly start using some simple daily affirmations, as these will work. You will quickly notice how much better and confident you’ll feel in any social situation and also importantly how your dates will respond positively towards you.