C} “People 58Y5n8 ’l love you’ with a touch that didn’t mean ‘I love YOU-’ Pe°Pl€ saving ‘t“%F€. _ ’ ‘ V.
there’ with gestures that did not soothe. People saving “Vm YOU!’ motheV’ While Tea?-h‘“8
out to a Chihuahua instead of their own flesh and bloodf’ (143)- Hol’“°53P‘e“5 3“‘5 C3“l“e$ – V

share the pack instinct and the principle of blind obedience. Is there a certain fundamental :- 1 3
truth in these instincts? Are humans supposed to be better than their instincts? Speculate ‘ .9
how pack instincts benefit[ harm homosagiens. ‘ F

INVENTiON-use a separate sheet of paper A c V.

1) List (3) significant reasons ( ”beca use” phrases) _ V
Z} List some supporting examples ‘ cl ’ l
3) What might a counterargument be that you agree with? , -I.
4) What criticism might be made about one part . ” t
5) Answer this criticism. L s 7 i A

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