Machine Learning
Project 3: Machine learning

Due date: May 7, 2017

I. Objectives and description

This project is an individual project in which you choose a domain of interests that could be a good candidate for machine learning problem, formula 3 questions, and use machine learning algorithms in Weka to solve it. This project aims at the following goals:

(i) Understand how to define a problem.
(ii) Understand how to use any of the machine learning techniques that we have learn to solve the problem defined in (i)
(iii) Train how to write a report and how to present your idea.

In this project, you will use at least two machine learning algorithms from two different groups (e.g kNN and Decision Tree; Decision Tree and OneR) (please feel free to broaden your knowledge by choosing different algorithms from the four that we learned in class).

II. Deliverables:

You will submit a compressed file (*.zip) that contains

1. Dataset (if the dataset is big, please upload it to Dropbox, and shared with the instructor the link)

2. Final report: submit at least 4 pages report on the process of development of this project. The template of the report will be posted shortly

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