Read Case Study 1: Make-or-Buy Analysis (pp. 111-112) at the end of Chapter 5 (I have included both Chapter 5 from my

textbook and the Case Study as an attachment). In a two page paper, respond to the items addressed below. Make sure your

responses are complete and thorough. In addition to your responses, you will be graded on the accuracy of your


Your task in this assignment is to assist the director of Wuksachi Restaurant to make a decision. Prepare an analysis

showing what the total cost and the cost per dinner roll would be under each of the two alternatives given in the case

study. Assume that 150,000 dinner rolls are needed each year. In your analysis:

• Determine a course of action you would recommend to the director, justifying your response.
• Provide and justify recommendations if the company’s needs were (a) 200,000 rolls per year and (b) 250,000 rolls per

• Describe other factors that the director should consider before making a decision.




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