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From our readings in the textbook, we have learned that leadership is a fascinating and challenging part of being a manager. In reality, we can talk and talk about it, yet it is really hard to put into words exactly what being a leader means. So……let’s go to the movies! Before you say it…I know some of these are old school movies. But the displays of leadership are so powerful; I think you will agree, they are worth another watch!
Approved Films – you may choose any one of the following films:
Hacksaw Ridge
Norma Rae
The Blind Side
Review the following questions prior to watching the film. Watching the film will take a good deal of attention. Most find it helpful to take notes during the film; those who don’t take notes and just “watch” the film run the risk of becoming absorbed in the story and losing sight of their mission for watching the film.
Once you have completed watching and taking notes, review the questions below again. Take your time and really think about the leader(s) that you viewed in the film. Consider relating information you have learned about leadership from your text. (I really like it when you do this!!) Then, answer each question in a minimum of two paragraphs per question. No essay format is required in this assignment. Numbering the questions and then writing paragraphs for each question is fine. Remember, grammar, punctuation and spelling count!
1) Describe the portrayed leader. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the leader?
) Identify one strong act of leadership exhibited by the leader in the film. Discuss the implications and outcomes of this act.
3) Utilizing information you have learned about leadership, explain whether you believe the leader in the film was a transformational or transactional leader. Give specific examples and relate to information from the text.
) Who displays power in the film? What type of power was it? Was it used successfully?
5) What have you learned from this film that will help you become a better leader/manager?
Another reminder: There are many links on the internet to discussions about these films and their portrayals of leadership. I’m not interested in what the internet has to say. I’m interested in your answers. Please do not plagiarize. It is not fun to report students to the Dean for plagiarizing papers.
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