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Descriptive Statistics
Note: more detailed instructions will be provided to the chosen writer.APPLY ONLY IF YOU ARE FAST IN COMMUNICATING.APPLY ONLY IF YOU’VE WORKED WITH DATA BEFORE.
1. YOU will choose a dataset from a list that will be provided. (make sure that secondary data can be produced for this dataset).. Send me the link of the dataset and wait for approval.3. Using the approved dataset, produce an Excel spreadsheet of Descriptive Statistics to show the following. For each, briefly explain how they can be used to draw valuable inferences for the chosen case study:(a) The Median for any two numerical columns of your choosing(b) The Mean for the same two columns(c) The Standard Deviation for these same columns(d) Draw a Histogram for each of these same columns(e) The Correlation Coefficient between these two same columns
. In a word document include clear, well-annotated screenshots of all your Excel work.5. Comment briefly on how these statistics relate to each other and what, if any, meaning you may infer from them.
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