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Order #91559Urgency
Topic: Maurice Merleau-Ponty, three essays on painting
Instructions Files (1) Chats (0)
Final Deadlineabout 7 hours (Nov 15, 2016 at 04:46 AM)
Type of assignmentResearch Paper
Number of pages1
Language styleUS English
Academic levelSenior (College 4th year)
Paper formatMLA
Line spacingDouble
Number of sources3
The Rules
1. You may not use the same philosopher twice.
Only one paper per philosopher, please.
2. You may not write a seventh (or eighth, or ?) Art Analysis for extra credit or to make up a missed assignment.
You get one shot at each paper. That?s it.
3. No Art Analysis may analyze more than a single work of art.
Thus, you may analyze a painting, but not a painter?s entire corpus; a poem, but not a book of poetry; and so on. At the same time, however, there is sometimes some ambiguity in what constitutes an independent work, and I am willing to grant you some leeway here: you may consider a single aria a work, or the opera in which that aria appears; one film in a trilogy could serve as a work, but one might consider the three movies taken together as one work of art, as well; etc. That said, you may not use two arias from the same opera for two different Analyses or two movies from the same trilogy; likewise, you may not use an aria and the opera in which it appears for two different Analyses, a film and the trilogy of which it is a part, etc.
4. Each work of art you analyze must be one you have had the opportunity to observe ?in person? and during the Fall 2016 semester.
In the cases of works of painting, sculpture, photography, design, architecture, collage, video installation, etc.?the so-called ?plastic arts??you need to have observed the object itself; not an image, not a print. (In the case of sculpture, as sculptors often make multiple copies of the ?same? work, so long as the object you observe was sculpted by the artist to whom credit is given?and not manufactured in a factory of some sort?I will allow it.) In the cases of works of theater, music, opera, performance art, or dance, you need to have attended the performance yourself?recordings will not suffice. In the cases of works of literature, poetry, or film, you must have read/viewed the work yourself, but do not need to have seen the work in a cinema or read an original manuscript or first edition publication. In all other cases, if there is any doubt, consult with me.
5. You may analyze a maximum of two works from any given genre or medium of art.
You may write two Art Analyses about paintings, but no more than two; two about operas, but no more than two;
6. At least one Art Analysis must deal with a work of art observed on the UHD campus (the O?Kane Gallery and O?Kane Theater are two great resources, but there are others).

For historical perspective.
8. At least one Art Analysis must deal with a work of art created after the year 2000.
So as not to get stuck in the past.
9. No more than one Art Analysis can deal with a work of art created by someone you know

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