MEMO: Tata Nano venture in US Market

Tata Nano has been dubbed the most affordable car in the world. It has been launched in several countries of the world and has turned out to be a great success. The product was recently launched in China and was successful. China’s population comprises of a large number of moderate-income earners and a high population of youthful individuals. Its launch enabled most young people to own a car, with most of them being first time owners. It is my belief that the same strategy can be applied in the United States successfully. It will target individuals between the ages of 19-33. Promotion will be done through the famous Super Bowl. The target market will be the first time car owners including college students. It is however important to ensure that the advertising campaign is not expensive, but at the same time effective (Nash, 2000, para.2). This paper provides an analysis of American market through research of viability of American market; using the Super Bowl as a launching strategy.
Description of the Product and its existing foreign market
The launch of Tata Nano in China in 2010 was a great success. The country is classified as one of the emerging markets. China’s population is also one of largest in the world. The product was launched as the cheapest in the world. The car has several luxury features to create a lasting experience to the users. It has the capacity of four passengers and its engine has a high power. The Nano has since its inception been exported to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and the latest market, China. Nano is set to change lifestyles of the youth. It will help young people to own a car.
Analysis of the U.S Market
The U.S has higher GDP than all countries that where Tata Nano has been introduced including China and India. This means that individuals in the united states have more more income and therefore they can afford the car. Although the Americans have higher disposable income, the cost of operating business in the country is higher than other countries. This means that the price of Nano will be higher in America than in china and India and also other countries where Nano exists. This price will be the lowest in terms of all the motor vehicles that are issued in the United States. The car will target first time drivers comprising largely of students inh higher learning institutions. The car is meant to take young people’s lifestyle to the next level. A lifestyle young people currently believe is a preserve of older members of the society.
Methods of promotion and market strategies in the target market
Nano is targeted to the youth. This means that the strategies formulated must be in line with the desires and preferences of the youth. Therefore, channels of reaching these college and fresh graduates must also be the most effective ones that would reach them easily. There are studies that have been conducted investigating on the features preferred by college students and fresh graduates. The studies have shown that the youth emphasised on the value of the product more than any other feature. This means that nano has t5o add value to their lifestyles if it has to capture this market(Davis, Dutzik& Baxandall, 2012, para.1).
Companies that have set their target market on this group have used both traditional and the current media. But they are emphasizing Facebook and twitter which are mostly used by the target group of customers and other channels of communication that are commonly embraced by the group. The Nano marketing strategy will use trendy channels and reliable channels that will guarantee message transmission to the group. The promotion of Nano will range from television, to radio and the larger part of promo9tion will be done on Super Bowl (Chaffey, Ellis-Chadwick, Mayer & Johnston, 2009, para.2).
Creating a Story for Nano in Super Bowl Ad
Super Bowl is the most popular audio visual media channel in the U.S. The report that was released early this year shows that the channel had 111.3 million viewers. The majority of viewers are the young individuals and this makes the channel the most appropriate to introduce the product to the Americans. The Ad will convey a clear message about what Tata Nano means to its customers and impact it will have to the Americans. The Ad in the Super Bowl will also provide information on where to find more information concerning the car.
In order to transmit this message properly, a compelling and thrilling story is important. This will help to create customer experience and will leave a print in the minds of consumers. It also maintains momentum when ads are repeated in later product campaigns. Ad story is essential and is a food for thought before placing it in the media. Aspects such as social status and esteem building, strong sense of belonging as well as freedom are essential in designing an Ad story. A normal and successful Ad shows a consumer who faces a difficult situation that makes him sad. He changes his mood when the product is introduced to him and solves his problem. He becomes grateful and and loyal to the product.
Nano commercial will demonstrate how a story can be developed and lead to a successful advert. A young college girl waits for his boyfriend in with envy. The boy arrives and the girl cannot hold her breath with excitement. The girl envies the car and she feels that she has the greatest boyfriend on earth. Another couple that is walking sees the couple in the Nano and a feeling of admiration strikes them and they bought one. The purchase of Nano marks the end of trekking and the beginning of a complete new life. Super Bowl creates an impression of how Nano raises esteem of individuals.
Different approaches for Super Bowl Ad
The Super Bowl Ad for Nano will help Tata Motors to venture into the American market easily. This is a market that is highly potential. The story will aid in creating a memorable story, which will mark the onset of the company towards building strong brand equity. Advertising through Super Bowl will be the first of the best decision that Nano’s launch will have made. The other informed decision is the story that will draw attention and create a print in minds of individuals.
I have also documented some documents of Super Bowl Ads that have been used by other car manufacturers. This will give Tata Motor company a forecast hat will show that the company will attain success after its launch. I am also looking forward to holding a meeting with your promotion team to discuss about the proposed launch concept and the timeline for production. Questions and comments are welcome through my E-mail at


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