Safety Program Assessment Project


The purpose of this exercise is to expose students to the various products and services that are available to help organizations address one or more safety related challenges.   These organizations are selling products, processes, or services of content experts, that your organization is not aware of, cannot afford to develop independently, do not need the “expertise” on a full-time basis, etc.


The following is a starting point for you consideration.  The list is not intended to suggest or otherwise limit the scope of this project.  You may investigate a particular area of interest to you that is not represented on the list below; however keep in mind that the investigation and presentation is to be of a safety/health related product or service.




–                      Behavior Based Safety Consultants

  • BST
  • Safety Performance Solutions
  • ProAct
  • BSMS
  • Quality Safety Edge
  • Aubrey Daniels


–                      Safety Data Analytics

  • Predictive Solutions


–                      Safety Incentive Programs

  • Safety Bucks
  • Safety Jackpot


–                      Tap Root Analysis

–                      DuPont STOP

–                      DuPont DnA

–                      Safe Start


–                      LEAN Manufacturing and Safety


–                      Safety Management Software

  • EHS Insight
  • Aon eSolutions
  • SAP
  • Myosh
  • Zeraware




–                      Fall Prevention

  • Scaffold Erection
  • Scaffold Use
  • PFAS


–                      Electrical

  • Arc Flash



–                      Safety Training

  • Defensive Driving
    • Smith System
    • NSC
  • NSC
  • ASSE


–                      Safety Culture

  • Culture Change Consultants
  • Employee Safety Perception Surveys
    • NSC




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