Museum Artifacts Analysis Paper
• Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).
• Visit the cultural artifacts areas from two of the following regions: Africa, India, the Middle East, and/or China and another region of your choice. Choose two similar artifacts (that depicts a representation of the ‘individual’ whether through painting, sculpture, etc.) from each chosen culture. Describe these artifacts in your own words. Do not cut and paste actual museum descriptions of these items. Compare and contrast similar artifacts from the different regions/cultures. Also include your analysis. For instance, you may write about the perspective of the self and the significance of these objects cross-culturally.
• Include at least one reference from a scholarly publication to substantiate your analysis or as part of your introduction and/or conclusion of the paper. Use the APA reference style.
• Include at least three visuals (e.g. a picture, a drawing, a diagram, a map, and so on) at appropriate places in your paper. If you use the visuals in the body of the essay, make sure that you mention and explain/talk about them first. Likewise, if you use the visuals at the end of the essay (as an Appendix, i.e. as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so on), make sure that you mention and explain/talk about them first. Label the visuals as Figure (for a picture, a drawing, a map, and so on, i.e. as Figure 1, Figure 2, and so on) or Table (for a Table, i.e. as Table 1). Figures are labeled under the items and Tables are labeled above the items being highlighted.


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