Paper instructions:
You need to write a Case Study paper about music consumption today.
basically the structure is pretty much like this
briefly talking about music, how music industry has changed dramatically, how people consume music, what form they usually listen to back then (old ways such as Vinyl, compact disc from radio channel and TV),  until now music platform has evolved because of the Internet and  people consume music from different types of media or streaming platforms (such as Napster, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, and A-Trak).
Body part:
– The evolution of music (Globalization): elaborate.. (from Vinyl and CD form on radio channel or TV, to digital music streaming (provided by many platforms like napster, Apple music, Soundcloud) and provide indepth background on each platforms and example (pop artist, etc). provide data like charts or anything
– How people consume music: due to the evolution of the internet, that trend influences the way that music is being consumed, people start to have access to multiple forms of media and consumers start to have they preferred way to choose their own media. elaborate, provide more examples and data on people’s music consumption/pattern. (also provide “uses and gratification theory” about why people choose they preferred media or platforms and if possible provide more academic theory that is applicable)
-Pros and cons on today’s music consumption: talk about the pros and cons, how the today’s of music consumptions are being influenced by the history, provide example.
overall conclusion on music consumption
and i can provide you with some of the academic sources.
this case study needs 2500 words, spacing is 1.5, font Cambria

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