Using the case study below, develop a 3 – 5 page paper that is well organized and provides specific answers to each part of the assignment. Your answer is to be complete and is to demonstrate your understanding of ALL of this semester’s lessons.

The completed Final Exam Paper deliverable is due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the due date shown in the Course Schedule. See the Additional Information section of the syllabus for the penalty for late or missed assignments and projects.

The Final Assessment Paper is valued at 15% of the course grade.

You are an outsourced Network Management Specialist working for an intellectual property rights law firm that has just merged another law firm that specializes in filing and defending patents. The original office housed 10 attorneys, 7 support staff, and 1 receptionist in one location.  With the merger, there are now three (3) offices located in different parts of the city, 23 attorneys, 12 support staff, and 3 receptionists. All of the attorneys work in the offices, but also are mobile in that they provide onsite legal services to businesses and must often travel to government Patent Offices to file and defend patents. The attorneys need to be able to send and receive legal and patent documents and update client records while they are out of the office. All the attorneys and support staff must have real-time access to all documents, client records and daily schedules. The Managing Partner reminds you that they are required by law to secure and control client company and personal identifiable information.

You, as a Network Management Specialist, have been asked to design the telecommunications network to support this new multi-location practice. Others on the team will develop the applications and databases. Your task is to identify the requirements and design a network solution that will meet those requirements (including security and privacy requirements).

Define the requirements and then design an appropriate network that would support this merged law firm. Your paper should:

  1. Analyze the given case and      provide a clear set of requirements for the network solution
  2. Identify the information      that is to be protected and the related security requirements
  3. Identify the types of      network(s), components, devices and equipment that would be involved in      meeting the needs of the stationary offices and the mobile attorneys
  4. Provide a network design      diagram that clearly shows an appropriate network configuration to meet      the requirements, with components properly labeled
  5. Explain the benefits of      the proposed network solution

Your deliverable will be a 3 – 5 page paper. The page requirement includes illustrations or diagrams, but does not count the cover page and references page.

The paper is to be prepared using the APA format and to include at least three (3) academically credible references beyond the assigned readings and other course materials. Information from your research should be appropriately incorporated into your written work in your own words and properly cited. Extensive use of direct quotes is not permitted. Use the Scoring Rubric below to ensure all aspects of the assignment have been adequately covered. The bolded attributes in the Scoring Rubric must be used as the major section headings in the document.

Requirements analysis

Requirements   are clearly defined and explained for new multi–location law firm and   demonstrate an understanding of the course concepts, analysis, and critical   thinking.

Requirements   lack definition and/or explanation and may be lacking in demonstration of   understanding of course concepts, analysis, and/or critical thinking.

Requirements   are not identified and explained



Information protection and security   requirements

Client   company and personal identifiable information that must be protected is   clearly identified along with the security requirements.

Client   company and personal identifiable information that must be protected and the   security requirements are partially identified.

Client   information and security requirements are not considered.



Communications technology solution

An   appropriate technology solution is provided and thoroughly explained. It   addresses all identified requirements.

A   technology solution is partially appropriate and/or partially explained. It   may only partially address the requirements.

No   technology solution is provided.



Network diagram

Communications component layout is   appropriately integrated in a network diagram. Work demonstrates   understanding of course concepts, analysis, and critical thinking.

Communications component layout somewhat   appropriately integrated into a network diagram; work may be lacking in   demonstration of understanding of course concepts, analysis, and/or critical   thinking.

Communications component layout does not   contain a network diagram, or is not incorporated correctly.



Benefits of proposed solution   explained 

Benefits   of proposed solution are clearly explained and are compatible with the   identified requirements. Work   demonstrates understanding of course concepts, analysis, and critical   thinking.

Benefits   of proposed solution are partially explained or only partially consider the   requirements. Work does not fully demonstrate understanding of course   concepts, analysis, and critical thinking.

Benefits   of proposed solution are not included.



Document   format

The   document reflects effective organization and correct sentence structure,   grammar, and spelling; it is presented in a professional format; it   incorporates illustrations or diagrams; and more than three (3) references   are appropriately incorporated and cited, using APA style.

The   document is not well-organized, and/or contains grammar and/or spelling   errors; it does not contain appropriate illustrations or diagrams; and/or it   does not follow APA style for three (3) or less references and citations.

The   document is extremely poorly written and does not convey the appropriate information.

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