I’ve seen this and read about it recently in another article about putting down other network marketing opportunities. Whether it’s between other network marketers claiming that the other business is no good and theirs is the best or between a network marketer and a prospect who is considering several businesses and hasn’t made a decision yet. Either way, its not cool and never a good idea. This especially when your purpose is to make yours look better, this is tactic that is considered amateur since your business should be able to stand on its own and attract the people that can relate to you and what your business stands for.

I saw this story done on another blog and it’s a story about a prospect who was considering two other opportunities as well as his. The prospect was up front about the fact that he was evaluating multiple opportunities.

As a professional, this leader’s approach was not to knock the other companies. Instead, he said something like this:

Prospect: I’m looking at Company A and B in addition to yours.

Network Marketing Leader: smiling, he said “wow, that’s good competition, going to make your decision pretty tough”.

From there, he went on to show the benefits of HIS network marketing opportunity over the other two, without one time putting the other companies down.

My point – when presenting your business to prospects, stay on the positive side of things. If you focus on the qualities of your business and how it can benefit the prospect’s financial goals, then this will pay off a lot better for you. If they mention some other company or business they’re looking at, be careful not to trash it. Remember, your prospect is interested in the other business, and by trashing it you’re saying in effect that they are uniformed plus you give off the impression that something might be wrong or not as confident about your business if you have to be on the attack of another opportunity.

Another point in terms of saying something disparaging about a business opportunity to the network marketer themselves, if a network marketer is approaching you about their business opportunity, keep an open mind and don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Keep in mind that there are several opportunities out there that can be helpful to your current business right now and can only enhance what you are doing. Also, consider what wealthy people do, like Robert Kiyosaki and think about increasing your income by having multiple streams of income. Once you have gained momentum in your business and have a steady stream of income coming in, you may want to consider adding another income stream anyway because let’s face it, not all businesses last forever. The company, the compensation plan, the creators vision can change so it’s best to always keep you options open so you can make the transition from one business to the next if things stop going your way.

So either way, it definitely pays off to be a professional and avoid trash talking. You won’t be sorry.