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19 that remains in my bank there. Persona Paper has a great text editor, the ability to post multiple images, and an administration that is financially responsible, keeps its word, and keeps in touch with members. It is all I had hoped Bubblews would be and wasn’t. I write on Bubblews as BarbRad, the same name I use here. If you decide to join Glenn, me and other Hubbers who are there, look me up. Persona Paper is a happy place and a welcoming community. MelanieMurphyMyer – This is true. People get themselves into trouble by not being diligent with following up on rules. What I said in my comment was: “that part really isn’t Bubblews fault, at least not entirely” – the part where some people were blindsided and outraged because they hadn’t read and/or comprehended the TOS. MelanieMurphyMyer – Well, if you read the last few posts from Arvind, he actually admitted they lost track of their finances and paid more than they had. So based on that admission, I do blame Bubblews since that is not the way to conduct a real business.

But then again, we have to question if that was a lie just to have an excuse for not paying those of us who followed the rules. Right. There were a lot of professional writers who mistakenly thought it was designed to be a freelance or article-writing site, rather than a form of social media. Also, those of us who read the TOS and took them seriously knew from the start that there was no guarantee of receiving money consistently (or at all) and that it was all a gamble in that respect. I feel bad for those who didn’t know this and thus were not prepared, but that part really isn’t Bubblews fault, at least not entirely. MelanieMurphyMyer – That may be so, but they are also losing a lot of good writers who realize it’s not a professionally run venue. And they are also losing the honest writers who did NOT game the system, but whom Arvind decided not to pay because he ran out of money, as he mentioned in his post. I’m one of them.

I followed all the rules. I always got paid within one week. Then suddenly my last redemption of a larger amount was canceled. All I can say is, be careful and keep your eyes open if you want to continue there. Hi Glenn. Bubblews is retaining a great many people who write well. In fact, the percentage of quality writing on the site has increased over the last few weeks. We’re losing a lot of people who were just trying to game the system, because it’s much harder to do that now. I understand your frustrations though. Good luck with your other sites. Peggy W – Bubblews has always been known to do the wring thing. When they had that bug that lost the text I added it back from my backups. But then they removed the ability to edit because too many of us were editing to correct the mess from their bug.

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