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Critical appraisal
1. Are the study findings valid? Support your thoughts by addressing one of the following:a. Were the subjects randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups?b. Were the follow-up assessments conducted long enough to study the effects of the intervention fully?c. Did at least 8% of the subjects completed the study?d. Was random assignment concealed from the individuals who were first enrolling subjects in the study?e. Were the subjects randomly assigned?f. Was the control group appropriate?g. Were the subjects and providers kept blind to the study group?h. Were the instruments used to measure the outcomes valid and reliable?i. Were the subjects in each of the groups similar on demographic and baseline clinical variables?
. What are the results of the study and are they important? Support your thoughts with supplied treatment effect or confidence intervals.
3. Will the results help me in caring for my patients?. Are the results applicable to my patients?5. Were all clinically important outcomes measured?6. What are the risks and benefits of the treatment?7. Is the treatment feasible in my clinical setting?
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