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That is a good thing–it means that when others say your work is perfect you will still strive for better–but it can also be a bad thing. You should criticize yourself regularly, because that is healthy, but if you do so too much, you will discourage yourself. Sometime you need to listen to that little voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough, because it is usually right. Don’t defeat yourself. When you’re thinking that your writing will never be good enough, don’t give up–simply try harder. If you do not keep trying, you’ll never get anywhere. Third,WRITE. Write all the time, and everywhere. Just write, everywhere and always. When you’ve finished, set it aside for two months. Don’t look at it, no matter how strong the temptation is. Then, take it out, read it again, and REWRITE. Edit. Write more. Write whenever you get the chance.

Carry a pencil and notebook with you everywhere. Write. Write. Write. Write. No, seriously, stop looking at this post and go write something. Very interesting hub and looks like you have some young authors keyed up. Young folks are awesome! I am 12 years old and am striving to publish a book.. My son is 6 and is having his first story published in his school newspaper. His teacher and I see great talent even at this early age. Where can I turn to get guidance for him and myself for his writing and story telling? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Excellent information. Great hub. I am of 14 and writing my musings in a bundle of pages. It’s a novel for the future generation that would be light years ahead of our this little world in technology and living standard. I am working on it since last three months and already had written 60(app.) pages.

I am from India. I think to be more creative I need networks with other child authors and their suggestions. Here’s what is going on the blurb, tell me what needs improvements please! ‘I have dreams talking to my subconscious. And from it, I learn more than I could possibly imagine. It feels weird, finding out things I shouldn’t know. When Sheroz begins to experience frequent OBEs and lucid dreams, he begins to wonder what’s really going on in his head. And when he does, he wishes he never knew. But then he finds out something important. A piece of knowledge worth dying for. But will he find out what it truly means, or will he lose himself in the depths of insanity? Deception, damnation and death await him. Crap. An 8 year old? I would love to publish a book but I have no idea how I would set about it as I’m only eleven.

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