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This is an amazing hub and a very tender subject indeed. Oh, the world would be a better place if we all but stopped, gave thought, and then spoke. Your love for human life has always been amazing to me and your genuine love for people has hopefully passed its way to me as well. Love you, love the hub! Your poem was powerful and stunning. Thanks so much for sharing it on Hub Pages and also for recommending the poetry of other talented hubbers. I’ve already read some of the poems you mentioned but will have to go and read the others. Voted up across the board except for funny. Pamela – Yes, children’s egos are very fragile. And sometimes it’s what we don’t say that can hurt too. When I found the video of the blind man, it was like out of nowhere a higher source sent it to me. Thanks my friend for commenting, liking the videos and voting up and awesome.

My fellow scribe and brilliant talent. You express much about words and how they are used. I have been the brunt of violence, and mental abuse as a boy and teen. It had an impact on my young life then. I saw terror in a voice, the words used to discredit and breakdown another human being. I witnessed such violence in my household. People can be so mean to one another, their tongues are poison in their mouths, they destroy the moral fiber of a child who is confronted by adults who hurt with words. Thank you for bringing to light the mechanics of words and how they can be used to build up or tear down a fellow human being. You captured my full attention with this brilliant hub. I thank you very much. This is a sad subject which really needs more attention. I know the pain of harsh words and I can relate to what you wrote.

I hope this hub will make people stop and think about how easy it is to break people down. You did such a wonderful job! I was put in that same position as a child. But in spite of it all, just look at the beautiful man you are today! This is powerful Audrey! Thank you for speaking for so many out there who have undergone emotional and psychological abuse over the years. I love this hub and I think very highly of the writer. Words are so important! As is the tone of voice they are spoken in–wonderful hub Audrey! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this hub and the link to my poem. Being one that was teased growing up, I know how words can be used to hurt. I was always told to ignore the bullying and they would stop. I was made to feel like I was partially to blame because I would cry and give them more ammunition.

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