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Although I do not believe that there should be a format for writing love letters, but this one is really helpful for those who can’t get their head and heart straight to expressing what they feel through a letter. Keep up the good work! Of course I love you. Now get me a beer! I enjoyed reading this apart from the fact I don’t have a boyfriend. You have motivated me to send a love letter to my hubby! I used to do emails and texts (I sometimes still do) but a nice letter from the heart would be just what he needs right now! Thanks for reminding me! Maybe if you stopped using broken English to write messages maybe she would find more appealing and a bit more intelligent. I luv a girl in ma class room, i send her a later. 4 numba SHE said ‘i dont like to give numba to any1? SO WHAT WILL I DO? Great ideas here.I want to write my own masterpiece now. Beautiful hub. It reminds me of how I met my husband.

Through writing letters. I still have his letters in a box and the oldest letter is 36 years old. I would love to read them to my grandchildren one day if I have one. It is nice to have a letter for our love one’s. Even it is not a Valentines or Christmas season. It can help uplift them or relieve from stress that they are feeling. Writing love letter from your heart are important to give confirmation to how you feel and helps to keep that love burning in each others heart for a long time to come. I put this into practice, very often. Thanks Emily – have a Happy Valentine’s Day! I love love letters. I have a box too! Just a line or two that you write yourself is much more meaningful than a Hallmark card. Have a great Valentine’s Day and more! I hear you onegoodwoman – 15 years and counting!

This is a nice reminder to us old married folks. And you treated the subject with respect and dignity. I wish I were still living! Nice. Very nice. Now get me a beer. I like to hide and send little love notes in my man’s briefcase, lunch sack, etc. and I know he loves finding them. Thanks for the insightful information put so elegantly. I travel a lot and write love letters to my wife as often as possible. It really helps to close the gap of distance. 8 years ago from Right where I want to be! Love letters are a beautiful way to continue to express your feelings for one another throughout a relationship, and a wonderful way to chronicle your life together, especially in a long-term union. In the process of posting almost two years of love letters during the Vietnam era, I’ve come to the conclusion that writing love letters to our spouses should be something we all do periodically, maybe regularly. I once heard of a marriage counseling retreat where one exercise was to write a love letter to your spouse.

And you’re right, email will do in a pinch, but there’s something about sitting down and actually composing a well-thought out letter. By the way, did you think of making a hub of your love letters? I’ve done mine changing the names of all people involved and making my profile anonymous. What do you all think about writing letters to try to get her back? 9 years ago from Just a Hair Shy of Paradise, U.S.A. Thank you for the inspiration to write yet another letter to the only woman I’ve ever loved. Though the Friend-love-hate-Need-disuade-respect-Admire-Want-Love-leave-must-again-taste-her-sweet-caress line continues to hang in the balance, I will again eat a peach as I again reach for her most-worthy forgiveness-affection. You write well. Thanks again for your contribution. Thank you blondepoet and Happy Valentine’s Day! Hi Benson, writing love letters to your wife (or husband) is a great practice, no matter the reason.

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