Organizational Analysis of Google inc.

Organizational Analysis of Google inc.

Using the existing paper summary of Google inc. Add an additional 2000 words in which you discuss the role of organizational communication in change management. In your paper be sure to address the following items:
a.    Briefly describe the change management styles and methods.

b.    Identify at least three of the following characteristics most influenced by communication within your selected organization:
1)    System (e.g.,  individual units, open, closed)
2)    Rules/norms (e.g., written, unwritten, formal, informal)
3)    Hierarchy (e.g., chain of command, supervisor, administrator, manager)
4)    Communication networks (e.g., formal, informal)
5)    Organizational orientation (e.g., achievement, dogmatism, authoritarianism)
6)    Leadership approach(es) (e.g., social, task, balanced)
7)    Management communication/decision-making (e.g., tell, sell, consult, join)

c.    Analyze the impact of the change on organizational communication.
1)    Discuss the way in which your selected organization’s managers and leaders responded to the change.
2)    Evaluate the communication strategies that were used to communicate the change to the organization.
3)    Identify at least two barriers to effective communication that exist within your selected organization and discuss strategies to overcome these barriers.

d.    Determine the extent to which power, politics, and conflict impacted organizational communication within your selected organizational communication productivity of your selected organization.

Answers to some of the questions presented below might be added content to your paper:

a.    What were the barriers to effective communication within this organization?
b.    How did the managers and leaders cause or react to the major crisis, conflict, or change? What was the specific impact on the organizational communication within the organization as a result of these management decisions?
c.    What were some of the faulty organizational communication strategies which caused the major crisis, conflict, or change? What constructive organizational communication strategies were later employed?
d.    Which organizational themes were most affected by the major crisis, conflict, or change? What would you recommend to increase the productivity and communication effectiveness of these organizational themes?
e.    How did power, politics, and conflict play a part in the crisis or change within in this organization? Identify your own solutions and strategies for improving organizational communication productivity.

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