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By 1975, approximately half of the continent’s states were led by military governments. In the study of Western politics we tend to look at the formation of the government and it’s institutions and by doing so we are able to grasp a sound understanding of it. In contrast however, if we do the same when studying African politics we will essentially miss an awful lot. To fully understand the study of African politics it is essential to look at ethnicity, religion and nationalism to fully understand what it is about. This is where I will answer the second question posed in my introduction about if we need different concepts and methods to study African politics. I feel that we do not need different concepts or methods to study African politics but that we should approach it from a different perspective. African politics is much more localised in nature and ethnicity is a central theme now more than ever to many African states. This has happened because since the 1990’s and the re-emergence of multiparty elections, many overtly ethnic political parties have been formed.

Ethnic politics in the 1990’s is not the same as ethnic politics in the 1960’s, in a sense there is a new ethnicity in Africa today. In African states because they are so vast and interests tend to be localised individuals associate themselves with tribes. African politics can be described as tribalistic in nature and tribalism continues to be a key variable of African politics. African’s are seen as tribalistic because they belonged to natural groups, but since their groups are considered more primitive, they are thought not as nations but as ‘tribes’. In comparison western political systems such as Europe are viewed in terms of nations as they are identified by their country such as French etc. as opposed to their local community which is the case in Africa. Religion in Africa also plays a vital role, and this can also be used as a tool to allow us to understand African politics. Throughout African history religion and politics have overlapped but in Western countries there is typically a separation between the church and the state with religion largely relegated to the private sphere.

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