Much food no clothes

suzie purchases two goods, food and clothing. She has the utility function U(x,y)=xy, where x denotes the amount of food consumed and y denotes the amount of clothing. The marginal utilities are MUx=y and MUy=x The price of food is Px, the price of clothing is Py (which you can assume equals $1 per unit) […]


Brumagim 08/10 University of Scranton Kania School of Management MGT 509 Assignment & Program Assessment Tool The Harrison Company Case Instructions It is a comprehensive and complicated case, so do not procrastinate. It is 20% of your MGT 509 grade and provides you with the opportunity to integrate what you have learned in other MBA […]

Consider the Barro tax-smoothing model

Consider the Barro tax-smoothing model. Suppose there are two possible val­ ues of G(t)- G1.1 and GL -with Gu > GL.Transitions between the two values follO’\\’ Poisson processes (see Section 9.4). Specifically, if G equals Gu, the probability per unit lime that purchases fall to Gi is a; if G equals Gi., the probabili ty per unit that purchases rise to G,., is b. Suppose also that ou1put, Y,and 1he real interes1 ra1e, r, are constant and that distorlion costs are […]