Don’t stress! Essaybrunch can help you polish off that term paper or class essay into something you can be proud to submit. We even offer a special overnight service for those last-minute “emergencies”. We also offer special pricing on editing services for thesis papers. Call or email us for more specific details. Members of our staff have varied expertise in areas ranging from 18th century British novels to mechanical engineering. Most members of our staff hold graduate level degrees, and many have taught or continue to teach at the collegiate level.

Full Editing Service:
Our full service includes a complete edit of your essay from top to bottom. Emphasis is placed on grammar, style, organization, and clarity. We will work with you personally, via email or telephone, to find out exactly what your vision is for your essay.

Basic Editing Service:
The basic service includes detailed notes that will help guide you as you rewrite your own essay. We will send you personalized comments within three business days. After you make our suggested corrections, we will read your essay again, free of charge, and provide you with some final comments so you can fine tune your writing to perfection.

Overnight Rush Service:
In a super crunch? Try our 24-hour rush service. You’ll get a fully edited essay delivered to your e-mail account the very next day!

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