In a lab report, data should be analyzed in the Results section. A lab report only requires a References section if it is being submitted as part of a science fair project. The Results section of a lab report should include data in both visual and written formats. In the Methods section of a lab report, it is more important to describe how the experiment should have been conducted than how it was actually conducted. After completing a science experiment, you decide that the results may have been more accurate had you collected data over a longer period of time. Where in your lab report should you write about this? Where in a lab report would you find a list of books and websites used for background research about the experiment? Alexis creates a graph from the data she collected during a science experiment. In which section of her lab report should Alexis include her graph? In a lab report, an abstract comes directly before which other section of the report? In your lab report you want to explain how your data compares to a similar experiment previously published. In which section of the lab report should you include your explanation? You want to recreate a classmate’s experiment. You have the original lab report. Which section of the lab report would you read to find the types and amounts of chemicals needed for the experiment? Log in for access.

The published literature is rich with examples of health promotion programs that have utilized the concepts of program planning covered in this course. The Planning Models Article Review Worksheet will allow you to critically examine the assignment of these concepts in real-world settings. To prepare for the Planning Models Article Review, read Chapter 3 of the textbook and review the articles listed in the Learning Resources for this module. Reflect on the ways planning models were used to develop health promotion programs. To complete the Planning Models Article Review Worksheet, select one of the articles provided, analyze the use of a program planning model, and complete the Planning Models Article Review Worksheet based on the information you obtained from the article. Support your work with specific citations from this module’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

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