Passage analysis of lines 533-554 from Euripides’ The Medea

Paper Topic Assignment: Your paper will be a detailed discussion of a passage from one of the texts read in class. The passage should be no more than 30 lines long. For the draft, let me know which passage you have chosen and outline what you will argue in the paper. Ideally start to work on a topic paragraph for your paper (see below). Consider the context of the passage, what is being argued/done in the passage, what are the major themes found in the passage. Then go on to explain the ramifications of the passage for the rest of the play. You will be asked to find two scholarly articles on the passage. The assignment is due on July 2, 2014.
Paper Guidelines
1. In grading through a paper, I look first of all for a topic paragraph in which you maintain a thesis and outline your topic. Don’t say that you are going to talk about such and such a passage of a play or start telling the story. Instead start as follows: “In examining lines XX-XX of PLAY and AUTHOR . . .” Then state your thesis. Follow this up by saying how you will support your thesis by a close reading of the passage. Bring out some of the major aspects of the passage that will support your thesis. In other words, outline your topic and follow the outline in the rest of the essay devoting one paragraph to each item in the outline.
2. Now you can begin by giving a brief context for the passage. This should be one short paragraph.
3. The bulk of the paper should be a close analysis of the passage. This can be a close reading of sections or a line-by-line analysis of the passage. Try to show how the ideas/images develop in the order presented (as the reader/hearer takes them in). Be sure to make clear to me that you have read your secondary sources. Incorporate them into your arguments about the passage.
4. Then conclude by pointing out the larger ramifications of the passage. How does this passage fit into the story and the larger themes of the play?

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