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How do the roles of nature and nurture differ in regard to learning? Which is more important, in your opinion? Support your answer using your reading and examples. Identify and discuss two research designs that can be used to study learning. In your discussion of these designs, be sure to offer examples of how each could be used. Share with the class the information you found on Ivan Pavlov. What was his main contribution to the concept of classical conditioning? Describe the basic procedures of classical conditioning and identify Pavlov’s classic study. The case of Little Albert is a classic study in the use of classical conditioning. Discuss the case of Little Albert. Identify how classical conditioning was used in the case. Be sure to identify the conditioned stimulus, condition response, unconditioned stimulus, and the unconditioned response used in the case. Define the concept of reinforcement. Identify the types of reinforcement that exist. Distinguish between reinforcement and a reinforcer.

What types of reinforcers exist? Provide an example to illustrate your understanding of reinforcement and how it works. Make a list of behaviors that you would like to be reinforced for performing. List things that would reinforce you to engage in these behaviors repeatedly. Share with the class the example you created using the schedule of reinforcement you chose. Be sure to identify the schedule of reinforcement you chose. Your goal for this operant conditioning activity is to plan a hypothetical experiment in behavioral modification. You will apply what you have learned about principles of operant conditioning to a proposal for change the behavior of someone you know. Please note, because of the need for human subjects IRB approval, you will not actually be conducting the experiment, just proposing it and explaining what the results might look like if you had conducted it. 1. Who is the participant? 2. Identify the target behavior: Describe the behavior that you would like to change.

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