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If a reader has to keep more than three or four things in his head at once—or feels like he might have to—he’s likely to shut down. Big walls of text often zonk readers before they even start reading. Really long paragraphs simply look daunting. —and then stringing readers along with exciting twists, character revelations, images, spicy details, and cliffhangers. Most writers need frequent paragraph breaks. Below, I’m going to break your paragraph up at random. If there was any logic to the above, it was accidental. Your main tools to entice the reader are plot, character, and sensuality, and if you’re not writing fiction (or something story-ish), you’ll have to rely on the latter. Let’s look for sensual details in your prose. We’ll start with the verbs. 2500 applicants; less than 200 companies, and 20 days – that sums up the placement season this year in our college neatly.

Except there is one problem – on an average, each company hires no more than 4-5 students. Maybe in some rare cases 12-15 students. So, if you get placed, count your blessings. It has less to do with your acumen in engineering subjects and more to do with your luck, present-ability and communication skills. On a good day, youwould have about 4 written or online tests. On a bad day, you would have 4 tests after midnight while next day interviews would start from 6:00 a.m. Yes, in December. So, say bye-bye to sleep, wear formal clothes, bring in your resume and get cracking! Get over the grief for not getting shortlisted in your dream company, like your friends’ Facebook statuses who just got placed and abandon hope. Oh and, did I mention that shortlists for interviews and tests are put up 10-15 minutes before the tests & interviews? You haven’t structured your writing, at least at the verb level, around strong imagery, which is unfortunate, because verbs can be powerful tools.

I’m most concerned about what I call “passive structures.” That term generally refers to the grammatical passive voice: “the cake was being eaten” (passive) as opposed to “he was eating the cake.” But I use it more broadly. Any sentence or phrase is passive if, when you read it, you can’t tell who is doing what to whom. Humans naturally think in terms of agents being active and agents affecting things. Don’t rob your readers of that. You can’t make all your structures active, but shoot for as much active writing as possible. Who is creating the problem? Who is challenged by the problem? You should be able to spruce up this one pretty easily. Tests aren’t “put up.”A specific person or people puts tests up. I’m sure you can come up with a better verb, maybe with the help of a thesaurus (the writer’s best friend)! I want to make sure you understand why those options are all superior to “puts up.” They all evoke images, especially the latter two.

When I read “puts up” I don’t see anything. Go through your sentences and ask, in the case of each one, which of the five senses am I tingling? Sometimes the answer may have to be “None.” But you should go no more than one or two sentences without exciting a sense. Remember, plot, character and sensuality are your tools! So, say bye-bye to sleep, wear formal clothes, bring in your resume and get cracking! Get over the grief for not getting shortlisted in your dream company,like your friends’ Facebook statuses who just got placed and abandon hope. Look at the verbs! They’re much stronger than the verbs in the rest of your paragraph. But, best of all, you’ve developed a character! Suddenly, there’s a “you”! There’s an agent. It’s very hard to sustain reader interest without a character, which why so many writers employ the first person. I wanted to give you alternatives to “get over.” All I could think of was “overcome,” which is a little more imagistic, but still not great. So I did what I always do when I notice blah verbs like “get over” in my first drafts: I cracked open a thesaurus.

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