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Overall, this section of the laboratory went smoothly. Table 1. Comparison of temperature measurements. This section presents the addition of four subroutines to the existing software developed in the previous section. The added subroutines, listed in Appendix D, were called InitSCI, SendChar, SendMsg, and CheckLimits. Procedures for Design. The first subroutine, SendChar, was added to send a single data byte from the HC11 to the remote PC terminal. ]. The second subroutine, SendMsg, used the SendChar subroutine to write character strings to the remote PC terminal. Before calling SendMsg, the X index register was set to point to the beginning of the character string to be sent. The SendMsg subroutine then sent out the string by calling SendChar for each character until the NULL character was reached, which marked the end of a string. The third and final subroutine, CheckLimits, was added to the existing software program to check the temperature range. Assessment of Design. While developing the design presented in this section, several mistakes and difficulties were encountered. The initial setup of the serial subsystem of the 68HC11 involved some troubleshooting.

We also had problems with sending the alarm messages more than one time because a flag variable was not set. The diagnosis and solutions to these problems are discussed in this section. Initially, the serial writes from the 68HC11 to the host PC did not work properly because the SendChar routine did not check the TDRE bit before writing to the SCDR register. This caused characters to be dropped when sending a message. We also had a problem sending out messages using SendMsg because we did not terminate the message strings correctly with the NULL zero. By adding the NULL zero to the end of the strings, the sending of messages worked as expected. A final problem was the output rate of the alarm messages. At first, we did not set a flag to indicate to the program that a message had already been sent to the PC. This failure caused messages to be continually sent to the PC terminal when the temperature was outside of the normal operating region.

This problem was fixed by making a variable called FLG that was set as soon as the alarm message was sent and then cleared when the temperature returned to the normal operating region. This report has discussed the development of a temperature measurement and display system. The objectives of this lab were to develop the necessary hardware and software to have the HC11 measure temperature and indicate whether that temperature fell outside of prescribed limits. Both objectives were met. By keeping track of the measured temperature, the HC11 was able to control an LED temperature display. Also, if the temperature became very cold or hot, the HC11 sent an alarm message to a host PC terminal. This lab has introduced us to the important topics of A/D conversion and serial communications. In the lab, an A/D converter allowed us access to analog inputs of temperature from a remote computer. Besides temperature measurement, A/D converters have many applications in automatic control systems and factory automation. For example, in an electric motor drive, the phase currents and flux are continually measured by using scaling circuitry and an A/D converter input to a microprocessor. Figure A-1 presents the hardware schematic for the temperature circuit. ]. Figure A-1. Hardware schematic for the temperature measurement circuit designed for this lab. In an actual report, all the connections, pin numbers, and pin labels should be shown. In an actual report, the pseudocode would appear here. Also note that some professors allow you to substitute an appendix with program flow charts for this appendix. Monitor: This program implements a temperature 0003 ; measurement and display system. The A/D system is 0004 ; used to read an analog temperature. The value is 0005 ; scaled to Farenheit, and displayed on an LED bar 0006 ; display. If the temperature is above 90 or below 0007 ; 20, a message is transmitted over the serial link.

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