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Crane changed the approach to the depiction of the Civil War. He focused on the feelings of a single soldier and showed how the war changed the psychological state of people. “Cold Mountain” is a contemporary film that appeared in 2003 and won a number of rewards. The book that is the base of the film is also quite modern – it was published in 1997. However, despite the long period of time that passed since the War, the film fully describes all its horrors. Nevertheless, it covers a story absolutely different from the one of “The Red Badge of Courage”. Both works touch upon the theme of masculinity as both of them have deserters as the main characters, which though have quite different reasons for such deed. The main character of the book is Henry Fleming, who is a recruit that is afraid of the war and of battles, but most of all he is afraid of being coward. He views a war as a means to win glory and to become a hero.

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