Please conduct an Intellectual Scavenger Hunt by choosing three keywords (such as Greenland Vikings Thule) from these assigned course materials:

– View the film Inuit Odyssey
– Read: Dale Mackenzie Brown, “The Fate of Greenland’s Vikings,” Archaeology, February 2008, Available in the Readings Folder and at:

Part 1) Find one additional scholarly reading by searching on the Library website at: Summon at

Part 2) Write a 250-500 word essay that includes:

A. A list of your three keywords.
B. The title of the scholarly essay or book (chapter) you found.
C. A discussion of how your source relates to the week’s assigned materials. ***Make sure to cite your sources using the (Author, Page Number) format, or describes a scene in the film.

Part 3) Address these prompts for your discussion:

– How should we compare the experiences of the Thule/Inuit and the Vikings/Norse? (Think about the categories addressed in lecture and in the documentary, such as: technology, diet, religion etc).

– How do these experiences help us understand the role of isolation in the success or failure of civilizations during this period of history?

Part 4) Bibliography Including all the sources you have used.

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