1. Write your definition of poetry. Be specific and provide examples.
Poetry is a creative composition that contains unique and beautiful language in order to convey an important message regarding things such as emotion, ideas or even observations. A poem is usually composed in verse forms as well as the use of imaginative writing techniques such as rhythm, repetition and alliteration.
An example of a poem is metaphor poems that were done by William Shakespeare in the earlier centuries.
2. Analysis of a Sample Poem. Examine the short piece provided below. Based on poem definitions, is this a poem?
This article is not a poem. It is more like a prose work that seeks to convey an important message. There is no use of the features of poems such as similes, personification and metaphors. The article is more like a short narrative that aims to explain the occurrence of a certain event to its target audience. The poem is also quite plain since it lacks the artistic and creative techniques that are expected to be achieved from a poem.
Assignment B.
The following would be a more appropriate arrangement for the words:
Assignment C
The ten most beautiful words are: enchanted, tranquility, care, serene, radiant, myriad, delight, charm, crystal, affection,
The ten ugliest words are: coarse, grimace, rancid, repugnant, ostracize, crude, mediocre, clumsy, ranting, rampage.

The beautiful words can be arranged as follows: tranquility, serene, radiant, delight, charm, enchanted crystal, affection, care, myriad,
The ugly words can be arranged as follows: ostracize, crude, grimace, rancid, repugnant, mediocre, clumsy, ranting, rampage, coarse.
The words can also be put together so as to bring about a sense of contrast. Enchanting and crude can bring about the feeling of indifference in a particular situation. All the words that have been selected have the ability to bring about a sense of great sense of impression provided there are put in the correct context that will satisfy the reader at the end. The beautiful words tend to invoke a feeling of happiness and contentment since these words hold a lot of positive values in them. The beautiful words can also bring about a sense of appreciation. They can even serve to bring about a sense of encouragement to the reader.
The ugly words on the other hand bring out a sense of sadness and critique. The reader can become unsatisfied by these words because of their negative nature. The words also bring about a pessimistic sense and can prove to be quite unsatisfactory to any person who may encounter them. They can also bring about a sense of questioning whereby a reader would like to know the cause and impact of some negative action or word in this case.
Writing Assignment: Once this poem is complete, add a paragraph reflecting upon your editing choices in writing this poem.
The enchanted lady, her eyes faced the crude man,
How she wished for tranquility, instead of the daily rampage,
The wish to return back to serenity, to walk away from the mediocrity,
The hands that used to hold her with care now fell through clumsy blows on her.

Her radiant smile now replaced by a grimace,
Her ears filled up, with the ranting of her lover,
A myriad of former sweet memories fills her head, as a coarse voice reminds her how worthless she was,
No more affection, just repugnant feelings.

The charm is long gone, ostracized by new behaviors,
Her crystal clear eyes, now filled with sadness,
The delight all gone, rancid nature all in place,
No more sapphire.
She looked lovingly into his eyes,
His life partner and lover, who now turned his back on her,
No more love, just torture and heartbreaks,
Enduring domestic violence every day, Is this how marriage was supposed to be?

The editing choices for the poem can be well explained. The poem uses employs the use of both beautiful and ugly words so as to bring out the contrast that exists in the life of the character in the poem. This helps to bring about a sense of nostalgia and regret due to the unexpected turnout of events.

Assignment D
Another teenage gone,
To the cruel hands of suicide, tragedy befalls the nation,
Once again mourning is heard, around the homes sad faces all over,
Because of the wilting of a rose.

Regret fills the air, if only,
If only one life would be saved, if only someone spoke to them,
To feed them with good knowledge, so that they appreciate themselves,
When they saw their images on the mirror.
No one told her, to accept her differences,
To love herself, the way she was,
To have appreciation to herself, because she was an angel,
With a purpose on earth.

The little girl was abused, felt like a withered flower,
The loss of inner strength filled her, hopeless hopes,
Blended with the sadness, like a plunge into the ocean,
She was no more.

The poem has been generated from the following article: ( http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57352173-504083/family-blames-bullying-for-staten-island-teen-girls-suicide/)
Amanda Cummings, 15, had a suicide note in her pocket when she was hit by the bus Dec. 27. She had been on life support until her death on Monday Jan. 2.
Keith Cummings, Amanda’s uncle, said that Amanda’s phone, shoes and jacket had been stolen by bullies. According to the New York Times, Cummings believes his niece was being harassed by another girl over an older boy they both liked.
“She had to be picked up from school because she was worried about being beat up,” he told 1010 WINS radio.
Amanda’s friends also said she endured insults and threats on Facebook.
“People [were] really nasty to her for no reason,” said junior Marisa Ryan.
The family said that as she lay dying in a hospital, text messages and Facebook postings, now erased, lashed out at her.
“The other comment, ‘once a ho, always a ho,'” Keith Cummings said. “This is ridiculous. We lost an innocent life over kiddie bullying.”


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