The purpose of this activity is to enhance familiarity with one of the Bretton Woods institutions: the World Bank.

Start by visiting the website of the World Bank, then  click “About”  from the Menu bar and click on “What We Do.” Use this information to answer the following:

  • 1) What is the mission of the World Bank? How does it carry out that mission?
  • 2) Who is the President of the World Bank? What is his background?
  • 3) How much does the World Bank lend each year?

 Next, click on “Projects and Operations” from the main menu bar and use the information to answer the following:

  • 4) What are the top 3 sectors that receive lending? What share do they receive?
  • 5) What 3 regions of the world get the most lending? What share do they receive?

 Then click on “Countries” from the top menu bar and choose one region of the world. Read the overviews for that region and answer the following:

  • 6) Read the overview for that region. What are the current economic conditions/challenges in that region. How do its future prospects look?
  • 7) What role does the World Bank play in the region?
  • 8) Give at least 2 specific examples of projects or initiatives (this info can also be found under “Projects and Operations” from the main menu bar)

 Not everyone is a fan of the World Bank and its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund. Visit the website of the NGO, Global Exchange and answer the following:

  • 9) What are their criticisms of the World Bank? Do you think they are justified?

Answer all of the questions listed for this week’s internet activity in a Word document.  Submit your assignment to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox area of the course.

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