Throughout this unit, we’ve examined and discussed the many myths present in our culture. Stereotypes can function as myths since they attempt to explain certain behaviors and define experiences. Stereotypes can be positive or negative, but they are always dehumanizing since they reduce whole groups of people to a single, largely inaccurate, definition.

Since stereotypes are so present in our culture, it may be difficult to put them aside. They contribute to our prejudices and biases. Your project will ask you to develop this line of thinking as you consider the following:

1. Identify an idea or event from twentieth or twenty-first century history that was influenced by stereotypes.

2. How was/were these stereotypes perpetuated? Who or what was/is responsible?

3. How do these stereotypes still persist in modern culture? How can they be dispelled? Is this possible?

Compose essay that addresses these questions and concepts thoughtfully and thoroughly.

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