Organic Growth Company is presently testing a number of new agricultural seeds that it has recently harvested. To stimulate interest, it has decided to grant to five of its largest customers the unconditional right of return to these products if not fully satisfied. The right of return extends for 4 months. Organic Growth estimates returns of 20%. Organic Growth sells these seeds on account for $1,500,000 (cost $750,000) on January 2, 2017. Customers are required to pay the full amount due by March 15, 2017.

a. Prepare the journal entry for Organic Growth at January 2, 2017. (to recognize revenue, to record COGS)

b. Assume that one customer returns the seeds on March 1, 2017, due to unsatisfactory performance. Prepare the journal entry to record this transaction, assuming this customer purchased $100,000 of seeds from Organic Growth.

c. Assume Organic Growth prepares financial statements quarterly. Prepare the necessary entries (if any) to adjust Organic Growth?s financial results for the above transactions on March 31, 2017, assuming remaining expected returns of $200,000.

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