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Problem Statement (Revision)

DescriptionOverall this is a good start. A few things to pay attention to: the problem statement is not an essay, nor should it refer to the RFP. It provides data and rationale for program need. The statement should clearly identify the gap in the community reality and the goal for health. This is where you build your case for why this specific health problem matters. Also remember this is not an opinion piece, it is a statement based on the information you’ve synthesized from your assessments. Please refer to the sample problem statements on Canvas for reference.
If your intended focus is on African Americans in Alameda County, make sure you set that up well. You can introduce information at the national or state level and then narrow down the focus to Alameda County and specifically African American, (or were you intending to go further to African American males?). Keep supporting data and statements that are relevant to that discussion. Make sure you clearly and comprehensively explain why the problem exists/persists in the community and priority population – what are the causes and contribution factors influencing the health problem and what are the risk and protective factors. Pay attention to how the community can help – what assets and resources exist and can be marshalled. Specifically any work that has already been done at the county or community level.
When you proofread and edit your problem statement, please be sure to consider whether you are using a professional voice or toneuse capitalization appropriately (APA format) and consistently; that in-text citations are in APA format, and that both the title page and reference page stand alone. There are several more places where I would expect to see in-text citations when referring to the problem and supporting data..

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