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Credible sources include respected newspapers and journals such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, or Forbes; non-profit foundations and organizations (.org); educational websites (.edu); government websites (.gov) and professional organizations. These are best located using the online databases available through the DU library link. • Paragraph 1 – Summarize the content of the article or the main content of the website. Cite information using APA format. • Paragraph 2 – Analysis – Discuss how two aspects of the article or the website relate to the course concepts – cite information from the textbook using APA format. Provide page numbers in the in-text citations. • Paragraph 3 – Conclusion – Summarize your answer, include a thought or opinion of your own and ask a question related to the article or the website for your peers to further the discussion. • Include a reference list at the end of your answer, in correct APA format. • Your posted answer, excluding the question to the class and the references, should be equivalent to a double-spaced ¾ of a page.

This week, Sections 3 and 4 are due to your Week 5 Journal. Remember to use the numbers in your journals (and final paper), for clarity and grading. 3.1: Discuss how the Issues in the case impact individual employee issues, such as morale, commitment and conduct (1 paragraph). Check the Index for employee commitment, etc., and online for employee morale (note that morale is different than morals–be careful not to confuse them!). 3.2: Discuss how the Issues in the case affect the corporate culture (1 paragraph). Be specific. What is corporate culture, what type of corporate culture does the organization have, and which issues relate directly to corporate culture? See pp.186-190 for helpful information! 3.3: Discuss what steps/actions management could consider to remedy the situation (for example, leadership, training, codes of conduct etc. Use the charts in Chapters 7 & 8, for guidance). As with Section 2, list 2-4 steps/actions, and list each specifically. This will help you later in the paper.

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