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It is quite difficult, but then, once the students know the boundaries, they are quite comfortable and so is the teacher! Thank you so much Mike. It is true, but then, while working as a teacher, I felt that satisfaction and joy inside me, the feeling of having helped a student with something! Thank you for the vote and shares! Teacher plays many roles: parent, psychologist, emergency medical technician, police officer, protector, and someone who imparts knowledge and skills. It is a really hard and responsible work and unfortunately most of the times even teachers themselves cannot realize it.. I do understand what you mean Midget38, I have experienced it myself! Thank you for reading and appreciating! Oh yes, those are the things we do as teachers. A lot falls on our shoulders! 12345: I am glad you liked it, and glad it was of help! Thank you for reading and the comments ! Great advice for teachers. Knowing these simple rules and techniques wil make the job much easier and successful. Teachers have so much responsibility and little support at times, this will help. Teaching has to be one of the hardest jobs out there. Your explanation of the responsibility of a teacher covers it quite nicely. Up, interesting and useful. I do understand your point and worry Patty. I have been a teacher too in the past, and it takes a lot to be a good teacher. There are people that don’t realize how much responsibility teachers and support staff have. I volunteered as a Teacher’s Aide for over 10 years, and glad it wasn’t my full time job.

Get help Capella University ED 5010 Homework Help. Where Are You Headed? What are some of your thoughts, wants, and feelings as you begin your Capella University program? There are no doubt many of them! How the courseroom works, what is expected of you and what you can expect of your instructor, how to best plan your time, and so forth. We are all similar, but no two of us are exactly the same! Our feelings have an effect on our learning outcomes, and expressing feelings openly improves our learning experience. The purpose of this discussion is to give you a safe and welcoming place to express your thoughts, wants, and feelings upon entering the course. For your initial post in this discussion, share some of your thoughts, feelings, or concerns. You will accomplish this goal best by focusing on “I” statements, rather than on generalizations about other people. In addition to responding to the discussion prompt above, at the end of your post state a question or issue that is of interest to you. This is meant to help engage your peers and let them know how they can best support you.

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