Topic: Project management assessment

Preparing a Business Case

You are an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has a great idea that will benefit the community. Propose a project in your area of profession. You are bounded by the following conditions: . Project timeframe should not exceed 1 year . The maximum budget you can request for is $15M . You are expecting a return on investment of at least 5% . The lecturer from Charles Darwin University is your project sponsor Some examples of projects are: . Building a recreational centre suitable for all ages . Upgrading IPv4 to IPv6 for companies . A better system in dealing with accommodating refugees . A nationwide skills upgrading project to decrease unemployment rate Students are allowed to come up with any projects related to their disciplines. However, please consult your tutors beforehand. The format of the proposal: 1. Assessment Coversheet 2. Title page – with project title, your name and tutorial group 3. Table of Contents 4. Executive summary 5. Overview a. Objectives of this proposal b. Why should this project be supported? How does it benefit the community? c. Expected outputs d. Performance measurement 6. Current Situation and market opportunities a. Market Analysis – Is there a market for this project? b. SWOT Analysis c. Output Analysis i. state if the market is attractive and why ii. Who are the targets and where do we stand? 7. Project Requirements a. List down the requirements needed to carry out this project b. List down possible assumptions and constraints for this project c. State the scope of this project 8. Budget estimate and financial analysis a. How much does it cost? b. Return on Investment and payback period 9. Risk assessment – discuss about the risks involved in implementing this proposal and how they will be managed. 10. Timescales – how long will it take to complete the project 11. Conclusion 12. References

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