Public Management

Public management dictate the well being of a nation such as the United States since its focuses on two crucial areas; legal foundation and the general environment. General environment as described by David and Rosenbloom comprises of issues regarding institutions, constitution and intellectual nature. Public image and administration are dictated by how well constitutional dynamics are implemented and the ability of law makers to incorporate both constitutional and administrative laws in leadership. By properly merging pubic administration and constitution, several goals can be achieved in a nation such as usage of the public administration to influence different levels of the government, improve the core areas of a national administration and understand the environment effect of the judiciary. The importance of merging public administration and constitutional goals can best be understood and analyzed using two main books; The legal foundations of public administration by Donald and Howard and the second book Administrative Law for Public Managers by David Rosenbloom.
The two professors Donald and Howard emphasized in their book and specifically in the 7th chapter that both public administration and constitution are essential on management of all administrative agencies. The seventh chapter titled Legislative and Judicial Controls over the Administrative process brings to light the importance of private and government parties. Its analysis the roles of administrative agencies or government staff who are responsible of carrying out the roles assigned by the legislature. They are also responsible of understanding the rights of private organizations and individuals to ensure rules and regulations of the administrative agencies are carried out. In achieving these objectives, the chapter begins by discussing the expectations of administrative agencies, further bringing to light functions of the private and government parties. Different government levels are also discussed and how essential it is to understand rights and privileges of each group. The main groups analyzed by Donald and Howard are constituency groups, legislative staff, executive support and besides personnel experts. The book chapter goes and extra mile and portrays how important it is all these groups to work together and understand each other’s mission and vision.
David Rosenbloom book also emphasizes on the importance of harmonizing legal and general environment to harmonize public administration. These aspects are best brought out in the fourth chapter of Rosenbloom, “Evidentiary adjudication and enforcement”. The chapter uses difference cases help us understand legal and administrative perspectives that are essential in attaining stable adjudication. Adjudications are the key factors in stabilizing equity and incremental in any given agencies as analyzed through application cases in the fourth chapter. Disputes resolutions are functions of both public staff and legal officers and for them to be effective alternate resolutions using administrative law is beneficial. The chapter sums up by highlighting the question, whether adjusting the adjudications in any given state to incorporate the needs of general environment is necessary.
To sum up both chapters from the two books prove the importance of administrative law and how important it is to view it from both constitutional and administrative perspective. In chapter 7 of Legal foundation of Public Administration government and private agencies should work together to maintain administrative agencies. On the other hand, chapter 4 of “Administrative law for public managers” analysis the importance of public managers and how rulemaking, transparency and besides reviews of the legislature contribute in coming up with a great administrative practice and democratic constitution.

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