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Public Relationship
Paper details:
*Please write a report and transcripts **Design at least -5 interview questions in order to solve Q1-Q3.(Don‘t directly ask the interviews Q1-Q3 question,use other question in order to solve it) **The gambling company that we choose is Sun City in Macau
-For report part(1.5pages):Please read the file that i put in the material box
-For the transcripts parts(1,5pages): 1: You are A,B and C customer,therefore,please write 3 different version of the answer according interview question which you design are.(You can agree or disagree,please explain ) : For Q1 we choose customer as our direction.
Format: interview question 1: A customer answer: B customer answer: C customer answer: – interview question : A customer answer: B customer answer: C customer answer: – …and so on
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