Questionnaire concerning existing bank customers’ satisfaction

The questionnaire will act as a tool to measure the satisfaction of customers using the services of a certain bank. It will help greatly in understanding what the service of the bank is lacking and indentify the best features of the service provided. The questionnaire will also assist in improving the bank service and incorporate changes to cater for customer needs. The questionnaire has questions based on different services provided by the bank.
(a) Bank services used
1. Have you visited your bank for the last year?
Yes No
2. How many times have you visited the bank for the last 3 months?
None 0-5 5-15 More than 15 times
3. Which type of a bank account do you maintain with the bank? ___________
4. For how long have you held the bank account?
0- 3 months 0-12 months 1-3 years More than 3 years
5. Please tick the bank services that you have used
o ATM services
o Loan facilities
o O/D facilities
6. Has your bank listed its share in the stock exchange?
Yes No Not aware
(b) Customer satisfaction on multiple banking services
7. Does your bank cater for all your banking needs?
Yes No
8. How competitive are your bank services changes?
Poor Average excellent/competitive
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
9. How competitive are your banks interest rates?
Poor Average excellent/competitive
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
10. How satisfied are you with the bank services provided by your bank?
o Very satisfied
o Satisfied
o Somewhat satisfied
o Dissatisfied
11. How satisfied are you with the services offered by supervisors and managers in your bank?
o Very satisfied
o Satisfied
o Neutral
o Dissatisfied
(c) Customer satisfaction on multiple loan services
12. Did you apply for a loan/ mortgage in the last year?
Yes No
13. Did your bank provide prompt services during the loan application process?
Yes No

14. Do you feel that your bank gave you a comfortable payment period and loan installments to repay the loan?
Yes No
15. Rate the following bank services offered in your bank with 5- Excellent 4- Good 3- Average 2 – Poor 1- Very Poor
Direct Debt Services ________
Bill Payment services ________
Credit card services__________
16. Suggest areas of improvement in the bank services and features that you would like _____________________________________________

Question 5
The company survey questions need improvement for the survey to be effective. The questions are either irrelevant to the survey or lack proper language for the respondent.
(1) The question is compound and thus the respondent may not understand what is been asked in this particular question.
(2) The question is relevant but leads the respondent on what to say. He/she is forced to admit that the technical support was professional.
3. The question is too general; it leaves the respondent thinking what is expected from him or her. Using the general term ‘good’ can not assist us in the survey since different people will interpret differently.
4. The question is not only rude to the respondent but also irrelevant. Asking the respondent why he did not figure out the problem by himself is irrelevant since its obvious that he or she requires assistance.
5. Simplicity of the language is required in this question and also clarification of terms used. Comparing the supervisor to all other technical support that the respondent had ever encountered will not give the right answer for the survey. This is because the respondent will diversify the question so much to the extent that he /she may not respond to the intended question.
6. The question is leading therefore biasing the response of the respondent.
7. The question is leading the respondent to suggest that the wait is too long.
8. The question does not relate directly to the potential action since different customers have different problems and slow baud does may not influence their call for a technical problem. In addition the question leads the customer to thinking slow band may be a technical problem with the laptop.
b. The questions can be rewritten to assist in achieving the survey objectives without having so many deficiencies.
1. What is your preferred method for contacting technical support?

Telephone Email Postal
2. Did the technical support team act professional when asked about your computer problem?
3. Was the technical support representative helpful?
4. Why did you call the technical support team?
o I was too tired to solve the problem myself
o The problem was too difficult for me to solve myself
o Other ___________________________________-
5. How would you rate the service given by the representative on a scale of 1 to 10 (1- Poor, 10 -excellent)
6. How competent was the technical support representative in solving your computer problem?
o Incompetent
o Competent
o Very competent
7. How long was the wait time before your call was answered?
o Quite short
o Short
o Long
o Too long
8. Why did you use the telephone?
9. How would you rate the technical support teams’ communication skills?
o Poor
o Average
o Good
o Very good
10. Did you receive a confirmation e-mail that your problem was resolved
within 24 hours?
o Yes
o No
Question 7
i) Irrelevant questions: The introduction to the questionnaire is irrelevant as it asks whether or not the customer stayed at the hotel and yet the questionnaires will be placed by the bedside of the clients, only those who stay at the hotel will therefore be able to access the questionnaires.
ii) The questions are leading: When the customer is asked questions like, “please let us know how well we served you.” They are already being led in a certain direction; the questionnaire is already biased towards the service being well given, instead of simply asking for the customer’s opinion of the service given. Other leading questions are like: “The hotel was not unsafe.” and “The temperature of the room was too cold.”
iii) Incorrect response options provided: The level of satisfaction should be on a scale, perhaps of numbers between 1 to 10, with 1 being used to denote “dissatisfaction” and 10 “very satisfied”. In question one, “Was your room ready when you arrived.”, the response options should simply be “yes” or “no”, with the options provided being irrelevant to the question.
iv) Introduction: The questionnaire lacks a proper introduction and is not eye catching at all. The title needs to the restructured to make better sense and ensure the customer gets what the questionnaire is about. There has to be an introduction providing the customers with a short explanation as to why the information is being collected and at least an assurance that confidentiality will be maintained and no victimization shall occur regardless of whether the responses are negative or positive.
v) Length and organization of the questionnaire: The questionnaire is not progressive and is quite short. This therefore means that the questionnaire will not provide adequate information from which proper inferences can be made. The questionnaire needs to be a bit longer and progressive, starting with very simple and general questions and progressing to more specific ones.

Case Study for Green’s Gym
Question 1
The delivery options available to Green’s Gym include:
a) In Person: Interviewers from the Gym can personally deliver the questionnaires to the respondents or administer the interviews themselves.
i) It may be less cumbersome to the interviewee as in some cases they do not have to write down the responses themselves
ii) The response rate achieved will be much higher.
iii) In cases where the questions are consequential, the interviewer has control over the sequence
iv) Observation of the respondent is possible.
i) The response may be biased due to the interaction that occurs between the interviewer and interviewee
ii) There is loss of anonymity
iii) May be costly due to the need to higher interviewers
b) Telephone: The interviews can be conducted over the phone based on the existing questionnaire.
i) Greater anonymity than in personal interviews.
ii) Less costly compared to personal interviews and postal mail
iii) Ideal for events that are still ongoing, thus suitable for assessing customer satisfaction.
iv) It makes it easier for the interviewers to be supervised.
v) Enables the interviewer to ask consequential questions in a given sequence.
i) People usually have negative perceptions and attitudes towards phone interviews.
ii) In questions with various options to choose from, answering may prove difficult
iii) Visual material cannot be used for such interviews.
c) Through Mail: The questionnaires can be posted to the customers through their mail, and the responses posted back to the gym.
i) The respondent is able to maintain a greater degree of anonymity
ii) Are easier to administer
iii) Enables the incorporation of visual content.
iv) Not very expensive
i) Rate of completion is usually in most cases quite low
ii) There is no control over how the respondents answer the questions, therefore a number may be answered incorrectly, leading to the questionnaires not eliciting the information being sought.
iii) The respondents must have a certain degree of literacy, one not necessary in the case of an interview.
Question 2
I would recommend a sample survey, as a census would be a bit more cumbersome and demand more resources in terms of time and money. In addition, the nature of the inquiry, demands that the questionnaire is administered to a select few, an approach consistent with a sample survey.
Question 3
i) Age
ii) Sex
iii) Employment status
• The age demographic is important because the gym provides services that specifically target certain age groups, getting results along these lines might help in the identification of age groups that feel left out.
• The sex demographic will be helpful in the sense that it will help the gym find out whether or not the provision of child care is making a difference and improving customer satisfaction amongst the females. It will also help find out what the males think of the current set up.
• Employment status will help the gym know whether they need to change their schedules to become more accommodative of the employed, or whether the current set up is good enough.
Question 4
Demographic Information
1. Are you, Male Female
2. How old are you? ¬¬¬¬¬¬________
3. Are you, Employed Unemployed
4. Are you a member of Green’s Gym Yes No
5. How long have you been a member _________
6. What kind of membership do you hold _________
7. Have you ever been a member of another gym _________
Answer the questions using ratings on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (Excellent)
8. How would you rate services at the Green’s Gym ________
9. How would you rate the level of organization at the gym ________
10. How would you rate the facilities at the gym __________
11. How would you rate operations at the gym __________
12. Overall what is your level of satisfaction with Green’s Gym _______
Question 5
The best way to measure or assess customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis would be to:
– Maintain a log of customers, to enable the gym identify regular customers
– Create a suggestion box to enable the gym keep tabs on any issues that might threaten customer satisfaction
– Keep records on the number of new customers coming in due to recommendations by other customers.



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