Racism is a vice that is rampant in almost every country in the world, taking on various forms. It is an ideology that fuels social inequalities, based on the race of individuals. Racism refers to a case where individuals from other regions are neglected in a particular region. Konzol’s claim that in New York, the government has segregated the black people and made matters worse by constructing schools for the poor (Konzol).
Since the time of slavery and the subsequent generations, racism has been, and still is, a major issue in the world. There is a general notion that the vice has been widely eliminated in societies around the world with civilization. However, the truth is that racism still exists, especially in schools and workplaces, and a lot of other places where social interactions occur in a day-to-day life. The inappropriateness of racism has never been a debate. It is just as bad, as it was decades ago. What is debatable, though, is whether racism has gone away. In fact, this vice is still rampant in the world. The author indicates that various philosophers have raised suggestions concerning racism but he says that this has not been welcomed by the dominant groups in such countries. Further, he says that law have been put in place but the laws have not been effective enough since the cases of racisms are still very rampant in most schools in the United States of America.
In addition, the author indicates that the vice has been so harsh in that it has gone to an extent of killing the poor segregated groups in most parts of the country. The black people continue to be oppressed by the white including some being raped and consequently killed by the whites.
Besides, it is indicated that the black people are segregated in terms of their location in the country. The author outlines the fact that most blacks are located in the low lands of the country where there are inadequate and poor facilities. To make the matter worse, the sewerage systems are said to be the boundaries between the whites and the blacks (Konzol).
The inadequate facilities make pupils from these areas have poor grades in their final examinations. Indeed with poor quality education due to discrimination brings about half baked graduates from the minority group. In the public schools this may be so rampant and certain foundations are put in place that suggests privatization of public schools where this disease has spread over and above. According to Pepper, an author, the poor grades are highly attributed by the acts of racism in general. The author rules out the presence of private schools and indicates that the public schools have become money minting businesses which give out poor results due to the ideology in such schools (Pepper).
Mantsiosis in his article, Class in America, highlights the fact that racism cannot be helpful to any society. Indeed he defines it as one of the spheres of power and oppression. The author further adds that it cannot add to the productivity of the individuals and societies involved in such vices. The vice makes the society to be backwards in many aspects of human life and it does not discriminate individual from any social class in the world. The author further indicates that it is uncontrollable by human beings (Mantsiosis).
Racism has the potential to cause hatreds in societies, which are purely based on the phobia against individuals of different races. There is always a natural instinct for tribes, clans, ethnicities and even races to protect one of their own. As such, if a universal thing like theft or burglary was committed by a member of one race to a member of a different race, it will not be interpreted as a simple theft or burglary. Instead, it will be seen as one race targeting the other. The ensuing altercations between the two races can cause life long hatred, especially in societies where one race is historically known to have oppressed the other. In this case, too, the situation in South Africa comes to mind. The nation might currently be a ‘rainbow’ nation, but the history of apartheid, which was characterized by the white oppression of the blacks, still hangs heavy over the general population. As such, if a white individual did something to demean a black individual today, it would be interpreted as the white individual trying to oppress his/her black counterpart. This interpretation is based on the history of altercations between the two races, but causes hatred in the society to date.
The hatred developed as a course of racism can have detrimental effects on one 0f the races involved, or to the society as a whole. A dominant race can ensure that members of the inferior race do not get into economically influential positions, thereby, making the race in this society economically handicapped. The other scenario can be that of two or more races being unable to work together because since their hate for each other cannot allow them. Ideally, the economic status of a country or a region is widely dependent on its society working hand-in-hand, to pull together resources necessary in making it better, or maintaining it. When the races that make up this society are not working together, it is difficult to bring together resources, causing the society to go in to an economic depression. In general, all nations should try as much as possible to eradicate the vice which has caused all forms of discrimination.

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