Reading reflections

Length: 500- 800 words Double Spaced
Cite resources: Cite Readings you have done in APA
o Select a quote from the readings (with Citations in APA)
o Thoughts: Personal Experiences? Relevance to the theme of the class
o Reflection/ Personal Response: Feelings, emotions, and self-assurances
o What is the author saying in the article? What is your learning?
o How is the topic related to your own life experiences?
o Draw a quick sketch of how the ideas in the readings/ lecture relate to one another (mind map)
o What is the most important thing you learned in class or readings and why is it important?
o What was the most confusing part? What effort did you take to solve that confusion?
o What questions do you still have about the topic?

Reflection 1

• Curt Meine: Spring’s Hopes Eternal ( p403-406)
• Ebtekar, M: Peace and Sustainability Depend on the Spiritual and the Feminine ( p 178-182) OR
• Chapter 15: Piecing It All Together
Ch 20: Habits of the Heart ( p 215-223)

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