This job reflects upon a challenging experience that you have encountered in either a professional or personal environmentthat involved significant “thinking through” or reasoning.

This job contains the following elements:

a. Describe the attitudes and assumptions that the “subject” brought into the selected experience. If anxiety, confusion, or ambivalence was experienced at the onset of the situation, attempt to account for these feelings in terms of classical conditioning principles. Similarly, attempt to account for any positive emotions brought into the experience involving reasoning.
b. In regards to the experience itself, analyze what role memory played in the processes that were involved.
c. Consider obstacles that may have occurred as the issue was “thought through” to a conclusion.
d. Speculate on what type(s) of reasoning was involved in the selected experience. Was it exclusively based on previously learned concepts and perceptions, or did it involve new learning, observational learning, or a combination of current perceptions and decisions?
e. Provide several ideas that could have enhanced the effectiveness of the reasoning process in this experience. Consider multiple intelligences and the role that memory and language played in your formulation of outcomes for this issue that was “reasoned out.”

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