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Write a paper, no more than 8 pages, no less than 6 pages, double spaced, on your observations, experience, and reactions to the meeting and beliefs concerning the relevance of self help groups in benefiting clients with addictions ● Discuss your beliefs about 1-Step groups before you went to your first meeting based on course readings. ● Give a brief description of the events of the meeting. Discuss your reaction to going to the meetings, what transpired in the meetings, and any subjective reactions after the meetings. ● Either through reading the program literature or through conversation with members of the group, critically appraise what the program suggests for ways to deal with a common recovery problem, such as managing cravings, dealing with guilt and shame from addiction, repairing relationships, etc. (known at the “tools” of recovery). ● How can you apply your new knowledge about the “tools” to help a client? ● How do you feel about feel about referring clients to 1-step meetings based on your experiences at the meetings, (related to the course readings.) ● What are the advantages of a harm reduction approach? Compare the harm reduction approach to AA (1 steps). Apply your understanding and thoughts on harm reduction by giving an example of where harm reduction and AA might be the best alternative for a client. ● Compare alternative self-help groups to traditional 1-step groups and what is the significance in the recovery process? Do other models use a strengths approach? ● What did you learn from this class and specifically what did you learn from this assignment? ● Be sure to cite your text or other materials at least 5 times.The post relevance of self help groups in benefiting clients with addictions, Discuss your beliefs about 1-Step groups appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.
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