research about MAJ samouel Hammond in cowpens battlefield cover through it

research about MAJ samouel Hammond in cowpens battlefield cover through it

1.- critical analysis of each key component.
2-who is he? What is his background and training for this operation? What is he trying to accomplish? Discuss his experience and how that will help accomplish the mission. What forces does he have ,of what type and quality? (see Tab M,P,R staff Ride Book and Babits
3-(Task Organization)

a- what were the numerical strengths of the opposing forces?
b- What were the strengths in weapons system, fighting vehicles and other key tactical equipment ?
c-what were the unit identifications of the forces involved in the fight (Note; Unit identification consist of the name or number of the unit, type, relative size ,and subordination)
d- What were the supporting units ?(engineers, special units ,etc.)
What was their experience in warfare up to this point?
4- Mission command
a- who were the key leaders in the battle? what experience did they have?

b-were the leaders technically and tactically proficient?
c- what were the personality traits of the commanders and staff officers?
d-how flexible were the leaders to the changing nature of the battlefield?
e-were the staffs well organized, trained and efficient?
f- Were operations orders and pans well thought out , coordinated, and implemented to ensure the accomplishment of the mission?
5- Describe the action (this generally follows a chronology of the events )

a-Describe the location of forces at the beginning of the action .USE A MAP.
1-What were the locations of the opposing forces and how were they tactically deployed?
b-Describe the opening moves by each antagonist. Consider
1-How did the attacking forces move their units across the line of departure
2-How did the defending forces react to the attack?
3-How effective were the command and control procedures used by the forces ?
4-Was the leadership effective?

5-How did the soldiers react?
c-Discuss the major phases or key events of the operation. Consider
1-How did the operation unfold after the opening moves?
2-Did either or both sides employ deception? What is effective?
3- How did the opposing forces react to the other’s actions during the operation?
4-What was the attrition of forces on opposing sides during each phase of the battle and what influence did this attrition have on the conduct of the battle?

5-Did the battle have clearly recognizable turning points? If so, what were they? When did they occur? What caused them?
d-State the outcome of the ACTION. Consider
1-Did one side enjoy a clear victory?
2-Why was the winning side victorious ?
3-Why did other side lose ?
4-Did the opposing forces fight the battle according to the commanders’ plan and intent?

5-How did opposing care for and evacuate casualties ?
6-How did opposing forces handle, evacuate , and interrogate prisoner ?
7-What were the losses in personnel and equipment on both sides?
6- Citation (you have to mention the reference of each paragraph)
7- Sources most helpful to you will be

a- Babits, lawrence E. A devil of a whipping :the Battle of Cowpens.
Chapel Hill: the university of North Caltolina press, 1998
b-Moncure ,LTC John. The Cowpens Staff ride and Battlefield
c-Rauch, steven j. ed. Battle of Cowpens Staff Ride Reading Book ( 2nd edition ) 2007
e-use any resource that you think has relation and useful
8-No plagiarism

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