Research Problem

Please develop a document that conveys your Portfolio Project topic idea and the importance of your topic. Your paper should articulate the problem or opportunity you have selected in a concise and informative way.

Apply the Flow of Ideas figure from the textbook that is shown in this module to your topic to guide your thoughts and your writing. Complete sections 1 and 4 only of the MGT575 Section I Worksheet -Organizational Problem or MGT575 Section I Worksheet-Business Opportunity tools to help refine your thinking.

Include several paragraphs that discuss the evidence that can support your research, deficiencies that may exist in the evidence, and the audiences that may benefit from your findings. Provide at least three outside references that will support your future research efforts. You can find these outside references in the CSU-Global Library.

Please read Sections 6 and 7 in the APA 6th edition manual. List the scholarly articles appropriately in the references section with the URLs. From at least one of the sources, embed direct quotes within a paragraph in the paper. Finally, embed a direct quote with more than 40 words as a separately indented paragraph within the paper.

Your well-written 2- to 3-page paper should be supported by at least three scholarly references not assigned as reading for this course, formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. At the bottom of the paper, add the in-progress Section I Worksheet (Sections 1 and 4) as an Appendix with an appropriate reference within the body of the paper’s text.

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